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Puddle’s Half Choke Dog Collar

Good quality, strong, durable adjustable dogcollar with a metal adjustable welded link chain containing a round ring toconnect the collar to a lead.

Classic Bamboo Bowl

An understated bowl for contemporary living. With a classic and simple design, this bamboo fibre bowl sits comfortably in any home.

Denim Tug Toy

Handmade, Natural Heavy Duty Tug Toy - Bio-degradable, vegan friendly, and completely plastic free

Hemp Rope Toy

Going the distance to keep your dog leaping to the sky. A natural rubber ball on a strong yet soft recycled cotton rope.

Heavy Duty Squeeze™ sponge

Squeeze sponges are plastic free alternatives to disposable dish sponges – ideal for eco-friendly cleaning or a zero waste home – they also make great house warming gifts for green-conscious friends!

Rubber Treat Ball

A natural rubber ball that bounces and wobbles and has a holefor hiding treats to keep your dog entertained for hours at a time

Handmade, Plastic free, Bio-degradable Tie Headbands

Plastic free, Vegan Friendly, Bio-degradable Tie Headbands

Natural Cotton Bookmarks

Our Natural cotton bookmarks come nicely presented in a box of three- assorted designs and colours.

Hair Drying Eco-Wrap

Hair Drying Towel Wrap 100% natural ingredients, that are Bio-Degradable and Sustainable. Lightweight, compact and durable.

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