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Puddle Sustainable Dog Lead

Hand made with love and care. Bio-degradable, plastic free, cotton lead. A more sustainable lead using good quality products.

Puddle Sustainable Dog Collars

Very strong and durable Handmade Dog Collars, Vegan Friendly, Bio-degradable and Plastic Free. A sustainable Dog Collar made using quality products.

Puddle Sustainable Heat Pad

Pets like warmth and comfort. These provide the perfect warming comfort for your puppies and pets

EcoCrate Beds

EcoCrate Beds have a bean bag feeling for your pet, that makes a natural sleep area that pets can scratch and mould to their favourite position when sleeping or sitting

Metal Whistle with Chain

The dog whistle is approximately 6cm long. It also has a chain attached with a clip, enabling ease of use and access when it is most required

Puddle Pet Bandana

Handmade Pet Bandana, Plastic Free, Sustainable and Bio-Degradable

Pet Bowl Placemat

Handmade, Sustainable, Pet Bowl Placemat Vegan Friendly, Plastic Free, Environmentally Friendly, Bio-Degradable,

Puddle’s Half Choke Dog Collar

Good quality, strong, durable adjustable dogcollar with a metal adjustable welded link chain containing a round ring toconnect the collar to a lead.

Classic Bamboo Bowl

An understated bowl for contemporary living. With a classic and simple design, this bamboo fibre bowl sits comfortably in any home.

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