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Eco-Bowl CoZie

Handmade,100% cotton Insulated Bowl Holder


Eco-Bowl CoZie - Twin Pack

Handmade, 100% cotton Insulated Bowl Holder

Vegan Friendly, Plastic Free and Bio-Degradable

Place your hot bowl of porridge, soup, etc in an insulated Eco-Bowl CoZie, they are comfortable to hold whilst eating and carrying hot bowls of food.

Eco-Bowl CoZie protects your hands/lap from being burnt, whilst keeping the food warm!

Really good when you have a bowl of cold ice-cream, helping to stop your hands from getting cold!

A bonus is that Eco-Bowl CoZies are reversible.

Eco-Bowl CoZies are fully machine washable at 40 degrees centigrade. When washed layout to dry, and iron on a cool setting to set the shape.

Bowls not included.

Puddle & Stick

We are a small firm based in the Lincolnshire Fens. We make handmade products with you, your pet and the environment in mind. We are passionate about making and selling products that are plastic free, sustainable, cruelty free, and friendly to the environment. We ensure that everything we use and produce can be composted or recycled at the end of it’s usable life. Each of our products are individually handmade, giving each and every product the personal touch, offering you and your pet the quality and luxury you both deserve. If would like details of products we have for sale or have any questions please get in touch Email: contact@puddleandstick.co.uk
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Eco-Bowl CoZie

Handmade,100% cotton Insulated Bowl Holder